Monday, June 14, 2021

News about our online writing group

 Hello writers,

Until there is an opportunity (and enough interest) to resume in-person meetings for our writing groups, we hope that you will consider joining us in our virtual group. 

Interested writers please visit us at the Online Group Blog. There you can discover our statement of purpose and learn the updated submission criteria for our monthly writing exercises.

We encourage newcomers and curious types to read some of our monthly stories and the feedback received. Perhaps you will be inspired to drop in next month and leave feedback on some of the new pieces. Who knows, you may even be inspired to submit a story of your own!

We'd be delighted to welcome back some of our former in-person members to the online group, too.

No matter where you are, or where you live, you could become a Whitesboro Writer, too.

As always, keep writing.

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Writing Prompts -2021

 Dear Writers,

The writing prompts for our online writing group are posted here for your convenience.


Please feel free to join us as readers or writers. If you have any questions, contact us at

Saturday, January 23, 2021

2021 Writing Group News & More

 Hello, Writers and Readers,

* * * Writing Group News * * *

It's winter and, until further notice, semi-quarantine times continue in Central New York. Maybe you miss writing and getting together in person at Dunham Public Library to hear and critique each others' stories. I know I do, and we hope to resume that in the future.

While our host library is observing Covid protocols (currently closed except for curbside pickup as of this month), be assured that some of our writers are busily honing their craft.

We invite you to rejoin us as a contributor, or join us anew, as we wait out the pandemic.

Meanwhile, have a peek at what we did in January, 2021. Feel free to comment on our stories and essays. 

WHITESBORO * ONLINE * WRITERS * GROUP: Links to January 2021 Stories (

* * * Publishing News * * *

If you've tried, then you know that submitting your work to traditional publishing houses can be a demoralizing and grueling process. There's a lot of competition. Few get lucky enough to be granted a hard copy book contract for years of work.

An interesting phenomenon is taking place in publishing, and it's more than blogging, more than self-publishing on Amazon and the like. 

Thanks to the internet, online novels are the latest thing. Six of us members of Whitesboro Writers wrote a book, mostly via email, and we have recently begun to publish it in weekly installments on a dedicated blog, free of charge, to anyone who wants to read it. The "PpwN" project began 5 years ago, and continues to evolve. Kindly take some time to visit our book at this link: 

PpWN Official Fan Site (

We hope to entertain you like never before. 

Stay well, and keep writing.