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Thursday, December 3, 2020

PpWN, Our Group-Written Novel, update as of November 2020

PpWN is being published in weekly installments on its official fan site, starting in November 2020. You can read it here for free.

The project began early in 2016. Six of us got together and began what would be a real adventure in communal writing.

PpWN is fiction, a historical fantasy novel of large scope, like a saga. It's about a chess set named RICHESSE, which was created for the purpose of bringing peace to the planet, one conflict at a time. It was given magical powers by a MAGE, and then set off on its mission. In the course of the book, RICHESSE undergoes internal as well as external challenges that hamper its work. 

Each writer invented his and her own characters and set them in various time periods from ancient civilization, to Persia, to medieval France, to England, and to Medina, NY (where most of the plot takes place). It reaches further via time travel to Nazi Germany and beyond. To aid in moving the plot forward, the plot is divided into a prologue, 5 main sections called "books" and an epilogue.

If you're wondering whether PpWN is a typo, no, it isn't. It's a long story on how that came to be, and if interested, you can read all about it on our  PpWN Official Fan Site.

The fan site, which is continually being developed, contains prequels to the novel, information about our collective endeavor, author bios and much more. We hope you will visit, read, and leave comments. 

Friday, November 13, 2020

News from Whitesboro Writers Group

Our previously in-person public writing group has just completed two years of online activity. We have found these monthly flash-fiction exercises to be enjoyable, and we invite you to view our creative efforts (and the feedback we offer one another) here:  Whitesboro Online Writers.  (If you're looking for a writing group, consider joining in the fun!)

There is also another group effort afoot. Six members of Whitesboro Writers (including one out-of-state author) under the pen name J. Adoube  have co-written a full-length novel called PpWN (no, that's not a typo, and yes, it is pronounced "pawn") from January 2016 - November 2019. This was, for the most part, a project that was conducted through email and a private Facebook group. After many revisions, we published the e-book in November 2019. You can still purchase it through Amazon for the low price of 2.99 until the end of November, 2020.


And what about after that date? 

We have been writing numerous prequels, spin-offs and sequels since publication, and have decided that instead of publishing all of these as e-books, we are now in the process of moving the whole project, including the entire novel, into its own, dedicated fan site. 

Good news - you will soon be able to read the PpWN novel and all of its other related stories, FREE, right here: PpWN Official Fan Site

We plan to serialize the book in weekly increments, but  you can start now with one of the prequels. It's a novelette entitled The Gambler's Tale, which tells the story of PpWN's narrator before the book begins. 

If you have any questions about the project, the writers, the theme, and so on, or if you'd like to contact us for more information, please visit us at PpWN Adventures!

Public comments and questions are welcome on most of the posts there. Thank you in advance for reading our co-written novel. We hope you enjoy the PpWN journey as much as we did.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

March 2020 Online Writers Group Challenge

Hello everyone,

Our online writing group, which started in 2018, usually asks participants to write a story of 500 words based on one or more monthly "prompts". The stories are posted to a dedicated blog and are read by all the writers who contributed that month. Everyone has 2 weeks to comment, offer feedback and critique each piece.

For March 2020, we're changing things up a bit. You are all invited to write a piece of FAN FICTION instead of something based on a prompt. And because this is so challenging, we're relaxing the word limit. Feel free to exceed 500 words, but no more than 750.

Anyone may participate! Send your piece in to us via email to whitesborowriters@gmail.com with a doc attachment and your story will appear on the blog after 6 PM on March 17. Sorry but we're unable to post stories after the deadline.

So what exactly is fan fiction? Basically it is a fictional story from your own imagination based upon characters and/or situations from a well-known published novel, TV show, film or play. In the publishing world it's really difficult to get permission to publish fan fiction for profit, but that doesn't stop fans from wanting to keep their favorite story arcs going.

Wish you could write like your favorite writer, or think you can do as well as he or she did? Want to retell a story from a different point of view? Here's your chance! Be bold...

Special guidelines for this writing challenge - due March 17, 2020 by 6 PM EDT

1. Identify the original you're riffing off of (title of book, film, series and author).

2. Give us a short (up to 100 words) synopsis of the original story so we know what's it about. This will help readers to evaluate your story in context. If your story is really famous (such as the Wizard of Oz or To Kill a Mockingbird or Star Trek), you can probably omit this step or be very brief.

3. Try to imitate the style of writing from the original. For example, if the author used short sentences (like Cormac McCarthy in The Road) or a more complicated vocabulary that has you reaching for your dictionary (like in the sample story posted here, as did David Foster Wallace in Infinite Jest), do the same. If they used mostly dialogue, imitate that. If mostly narrative, do that.

4. Feel free to add footnotes.

5. Most importantly, have fun!

Questions? Post them to Facebook, or in the comments below, or email us, and we'll get back to you.